Please share the following message among the relevant classes only. No need to share among the students in grades 2,3,4,6,7,8,9. I will send a separate message for them.

Dear parents and students of grades 1,5,10,11,12,13 of St. Peter’s College- Colombo 04, Negombo Branch.

In keeping with the press release by Hon G. L. Peiris the college will resume the classes from 15th of March onwards for grades 5,11,13. 
(1) please send your children to school everyday as usual.
(2) class time tables for 2021 are on the college website (will upload Friday morning)
(3) each student should have a spare mask, small sanitizer bottle, a pair of gloves. (Face shield is optional but recommended for the primary students)
(4) College canteen remains closed. Send food from home. 
(5) STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO SHARE FOOD DUE TO COVID. Please do not blame for any action taken by the college for such students who break the above advice on food sharing. (Teachers will attend to the students in need)
(6) Follow the code of conduct. (Senior male students will be checked about their beards and mustaches)
(7) School from 7.30am to 1.30 pm. But grade 5 at 1.25pm. 

GRADES 1,10,12. FROM WILL COMMENCE FROM 16th OF MARCH ONWARDS. (The board of administration decided to call these students )
All the points from number 1-7 are valid for these students too
Your classes will commence from 16th of March onwards.
But grade one teachers will have a separate grouping of students for classes (teachers will inform the end time of the classes)

Grade 11 will have the Western province exams as scheduled from the 29th March onwards. It’s the year end exams of grade 10 (2020).
Grade 12 & 13 will have exams before the 9th of April 
Other grades will have exams when you get back to the college after 19th of April.

Online time table will strictly be followed by the teachers BUT THE TEACHERS WHO HAVE CLASSES IN THE COLLEGE; (a) either might conduct classes during their free periods or (b) might reschedule the time. In the extreme case teachers might cancel the classes.
It’s not possible to have a perfect going due to this two set up of time tables. If you require any further clarification please contact the class teacher. 

grade one- not the uniform 
Other grades- uniform 
kindly settle the arrears and update the paying cards . The college has been doing more for the students. 
The revision of the paying amounts for 2021 will be informed before the end of March. (The college has not revised the monthly amount for the last five years)
will be distributed from 15th of March onwards. Will be notified the program for the other grades.
please send your children for practice. Practice time schedule is on the website. (Will upload Friday morning)
Health and safety: Practice what you know already