Teaching on YouTube

Dear parents of St. Peter’s college- Colombo 04, Negambo Branch.

The teachers are ready to send the teaching materials through YouTube. The YouTube videos are supplementary teaching materials for the study pack lessons found on the college website. You will be getting the lesson first on the website and then the YouTube video for the same lesson on one of the days of the same week. Please follow the teachers time table (in the website) on which days that the teachers come to the college for lesson recording. The recoded videos will be uploaded within a day or two in the same week.  Please note that some of the the subjects do not have YouTube videos. Those subjects will follow the usual methodology of study pack lessons on the website.
Please bear with us if any technological errors occur in this process but we commit 100% to give the best. We have not hired any IT company but done by the team work of Fr. Shalindra, ICT teachers of the college , Mas. Manisha and the clerical staff. We will improve with your constructive comments only.

We decided this methodology (teachers study pack notes on website and supplementary videos on YouTube) due to many many reasons. Hope that our students will benefit more than before with the additional support. Kindly inform relevant class teachers if you come across any student who finds it difficult to have access for this online teaching methodology since the last week of March. Hope you too will help these needy students.

Please visit the college website ( stpetersnegombobranch.lk )frequently and get the updates. Please share the same website and YouTube link with other school students as well for their educational benefits. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCmlBh2gPqLwWpSqGdtc2s0Q
Our teachers deserve a commendable appreciation for being with the students and performing their duties as a part of their life.

We have given a facility of sending your paid HNB slips through WhatsApp or viber to the college accounts department (refer the website)
Stay blessed.

Rev.Fr. Daya Dharshana