Special Notice by Rev.Fr.Rector and Study Packs

Dear teachers, parents, students and everyone. May I humbly request you all to read this message and specially the parents to work on the STUDY PACK according to a time table. May I not hear from the teachers that the students have not done the study pack during this time. It’s your time dear parents to guide them in studies.

(1)Corona virus: To break the chain we must stop droplet spread. Droplets are the carrier. Stop the carrier to stop the virus. Science has failed, our medical knowledge getting useless. If science and technology could stop this, China, Iran, Spain, France, Uk, USA, Italy will have done it. But it is obvious our big theories and advance arguments on medical science can do nothing. Pray constantly. Please insist, encourage, and teach, all our friends, loved ones and public to use a mask,. This can easily made at homes using cotton cloth.

(2) I believe that as a college we together can  make a difference. May I invite the parents , prefects, scouts and donors to hand over home made (according to medical requirements) three layers masks to the college guard room within one week (before 29 th of March, if curfew and safety issues do not prevent you). This will be delivered to a place in need of masks.

(3) I thank Fr. Shalindra, sectional heads, subject heads, Miss. Sewwandi and Mas. Maneesha in particular and the teachers in general for working on the study packs.

God Bless!
Rev. Fr. Daya Dharshana

Guidelines for the students and parents on the STUDY PACK.

  1. Prepare a time table for the day. Do not waste time. Kindly start working from 8.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. daily. Please have your personal study times in the evening.
  2. Please answer all the questions (If the teachers have given notes to copy down Please use the subject note books but if the teachers have given you question papers or assessments , please use work sheets separately to be handed over on the first day of the second term)
  3. These questions are given as a preparation for the second term and for the first term examinations which will be held in the second term. (The date will be informed by Rev. Fr. Rector)
  4. Kindly make sure that you complete the work sheets given on the study pack. 40% of the first term examination  will depend on your work sheets. The rest of 60% will be given at the first term examination to be held in the beginning of the second term. All your work sheets will be collected on the first day of the school for the second term. 
  5. Please make sure that you check the web site ( https://stpetersnegombobranch.lk) on every  Monday since certain subjects will be having weekly updates.
  6. Please be kind enough to make sure that you share these information and the work sheets with your classmates who do not have access to the web site. Please don’t be charitable in sending the answers. Uphold the values and good instructions of the exams. Parents need to supervise the children.
  7. Stay safe and support the medical advices by the government and health care officials.