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The HNB banking unit was started by the school with the intention of motivating the students to save money. It allows the Students to deposit money. The Banking unit is conducting the operations everyday. Our very own group of the students are leading the banking unit as HNB Unit Managers performing the related tasks and duties.

If a student intent to deposit money he or she must bring the passbook along with the money to deposit or if a student want to open a New HNB Account then he/she must bring a copy of the birth certificate along with the initial deposit Money.

The prefects' body of St. Peter's College Negombo Branch show their leadership qualities and creativities at all special occasions of the school. Training programmes and seminars are Organized to improve their talents and leadership qualities and build a quality prefects' body in the college.

Junior Prefects' Body

Our aim is to helpthese children to improve their leadership qualities and to be of service to the school in maintaining discipline andorder and later be disciplined citizens.

Leadership programs were held and regular weekly meetings were conducted to improve the quality of the stewardship in order tobe men and women of integrity in time to come.

Senior Prefects' Body

Senior Prefects play a very important role in the school,helping the management to maintain order and discipline. They are an integral part of day to day and special organizational activities through every academic year.

We are very serious in providing them with the required training and inculcating leadership qualities through workshops. Our duty is to prepare leaders for Sri Lanka in every field and profession. Occasionally we invite expert personnel to provide guidance.

It would not be an exaggeration to mention that most of the events held in the College such as the College Day, Rector’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Sports Meet, Primary and Secondary concerts, Special feasts days and celebrations were of greatsuccess owing to theplanning and hard work of our Board of Prefects.

Our foremost wish is to help students, identify their hidden talents and provide them with guidance. Our choristers sing at various school functions both religious and otherwise. They have a great musical talent. In fact, in 2018 they exhibited their talents to mesmerize the visitors as well as the Judian Family with optimistic comments when they raised their melodious voices at the Christmas Carols.

It is with great pleasure that 18 of our choristers raised their mellifluous voices in the Latin Mass which was presided over by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, which was organized by the ‘Musica Sacra’ Committee of the Archdiocese of Colombo.

The annual Christmas Carol service is an important event of the school calendar where practically the whole Judian Family flock together.

Mrs. Nilanka Perera, Mr. Sandaruwan Jayasinghe the teachers in – charge and Mr. Chelaka Fonseka the trainer contribute towards the enhancement of the choirs.

This unit has been functioning well under the guidance and direction of Mr. Sandaruwan Jayasinghe and Mrs. Minoli Fernando, the teachers-in-charge Mr. Nishantha Akmeemana and Mr. P. Ranaweera have been instrumental in bringing the College Western Brass Band to the existing level.

Ms. Sureshi Malsha performed as the leader since 2014 and Ms. Nathalia Nonis is now performing as the present leader. Our band performs very effectively on all significant occasions at school. Their performance at the annual Christmas Carols is creditworthy. Our band has participated at various competitions and shows and has brought credit to the College. Recently, we decided to expand the band from 30 to 45 members and with the addition of new instruments. Today the teacher-in-charge is Mrs. Kumalika Margris.

This is the national sport of Korea and was introduced to our school in 2018, our teacher in charge is Mrs. Shakila Halahakoon and the trainer is Mr. Upul Fernando.

The reason why we added this sport to our school is that it has been told that this sport will help to maintain a balanced personality and that it is an art of self-protection. There are 35 students actively engaged and they have gone through the first classification and the second is underway. Apart from students there are members of the tutorial and non-academic staff who have joined in.

Sinhala drama is one of the means of inculcating Sri Lankan heritage in the minds of our students. Although we are an English Medium School we try to keep our roots firmly intact. Our children must learn to respect their culture. Besides our endeavour is to surface the hidden talents of our kids and guide them and enlighten them.

We have good reasons to be happy and be satisfied, for our kids possess enormous artistic talent. They proved their mettle when they participated in the Drama Festival conducted by Department of Christian and Religious Affairs in 2017. Under the title “I am Thirsty”. Our school was placed third in the all island contest. Besides, honorable mention was made on Master Sural Galgamuwa for his musical talent and Master Hiruna Hettiarachchi for his acting.

We shall further our engagements in future through the Sinhala Literary Union to be established in the College. We wish to thank the parents of the Drama Unit for their support and encouragement.

The drama “Robin Hood” was one of the spectacular achievements of the students from Grades 8 to 13. Sherwood Forest and the merry men took center-stage on 8th of July 2018 at Ave Maria Auditorium with their swords and archery. We are proud of the artistic talents that all students exhibited. We owe a very big Thank you to Mr. Jordon Brian, a distinguished alumni of St. Joseph’s College – Colombo 03 for the production of this drama which was appreciated by all.

This unit which was started in the year 2017 continues to organize programmes that would particularly provide insight into the universe.

On 2nd of April 2017 the Science teachers of the College initiated by Mrs. Pavithra Gamage, Mrs. Ishara Fernando, Mr. Alexis Suranga, and Mrs. Avanthi Sajeeni held a Star Observation Camp. About 500 students from Grades 9 to 13 attended this programme. Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo was a great encouragement in this project.

This programme was conducted by Mr. Sameer Rathnayake the proprietor of Science & Technology Group with his clan of employees. We are very grateful to them and to the Vidusara Science Magazine and Kandos Confectionary Works who sponsored all the gifts awarded to the winners of the variety of competitions held during the programme.

We held another programme of similar nature on 9th March 2018 attended by Grades 8 and 9 students. For Grade 8 students it was an assessment. They were awarded marks for their performance.

The Department of Education insists upon the school administration to provide children with different exposures. With these tours we try to provide the children with firsthand view of whatever they learn in books. Besides, we try to inculcate proper values and attitudes in children as to maintain honour and respect of the school, sharing and safeguarding public property, etc. We always choose different places for the five different grades in order to make sure that by the end of their academic career they would have covered a substantial area of Sri Lanka.

We always get the teachers to guard and guide the students during the excursion to guarantee the safety and responsible behavior. It is expected of the teachers to get the children to make a summary of whatever they may have gathered from the tours.

In the years 2017 and 2018, our primary students were taken to the Water World, Kelani Temple, Thewatta Basilica, the Zoo, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Air Force Quarters at Ratmalana, ‘Iparani Gama’, Rupavahini Corporation, Nelum Pokuna, Ape Gama, National Planetarium, and the National Museum. We firmly believe that the children not only enjoyed but learnt a lot.

Grade 6 students visited Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Panduwasnuwara in 2017 and 2018. Grade 7 students visited Sigiriya, Dambulla and Ibbankatuwa while Grade 8 students visited Kandy and the Temple of Tooth Relic. Students of Grade 9 were taken to Anuradhapura.

Over the last two years, Grade 10 students were able to visit Pahiyangala and acknowledge the exhibits at the Gem Museum and observe the beautiful water showers at the Bopath Falls. In the year 2017, Grade 11 students were able to tour Galle and experience the Water Purification Centre and Holcim Cement Factory. In 2018, they undertook a journey to Moragahakanda Dam and Ibbankatuwa Dam while the Advanced Level students visited Nuwara Eliya in 2017 and Reserve of Ritigala in 2018.

Our dancing troupe is ably handled by Mrs. Priyani Fernando. Our troupe performs at special events in the school adding colour & warmth. They participated in zonal and district competitions in Group Dancing Competitions. The senior group of girls achieved 2nd place staging “Kuweni and troupe” and they also won the 2nd place in the same category staging “Saula Vannama” in 2017 and in the following year, they achieved 2nd place staging “Thuranga Vannama”.

This is a very important co curricular activity since it involves character formation. Therefore, our College will do its utmost best towards the enhancement of this unit. We started Scouting in school on 13th February 2017. We are attached to Negombo District and our first investiture ceremony took place on 25th May 2017. It was held on a grand scale.

Since then we have participated in a number of events and competitions organized at district level. In 2018 we became the 3rd best troop in Negombo District and Miss Marisha Fernando was adjudged the best Girl Scout and Miss Natasha Fernando won the 3rd best Girl Scout. In another competition Master Kavith Navodana and his team won the first place in drama.

Teachers in charge are Mr. Shelvin Perera, Ms. Suneri Fernando and Mr. Roy Fernando as the instructor.

It is our earnest endeavor to persuade students to make reading a daily habit. The available school time is so limited that we can provide only one period a week per class. We have a satisfactorily well-equipped library which is divided into two sections providing facility to every selection.

There are books on every subject relevant to our students. In addition, Encyclopedias and CDs on a variety of topics are at their disposal.

There are two librarians for the two sections who make a genuine effort to guide students in their selection of books. Our library also has a facility for PowerPoint and video/TV presentations. We are grateful to Ms. Nimashi Silva and Mr. Sunil Perera for their hard work and dedication.

Sports and athletics always remain part and parcel of holistic education. Sport activities assist in building good character and strong personality.

It is very encouraging to note the willing participation of our students at practices and training sessions.

We have a few outstanding athletes who have brought honor to the College. In 2017 Miss. Suleka was placed 2nd in Under 18 Triple Jump and 3rd in Long Jump at Western Province Athletic meet. She also placed 2nd in Triple Jump at Senior John Tarbet meet and Junior National meet respectively. At the All Island Athletic Meet she was placed 4th in both Long and Triple Jump. Mast. Ranith Arawwala won the 4th place in Under 14 eighty meter hurdles at Junior John Tarbet meet. Mast. Rashmeen Fernando was placed 1st in Long Jump and 2nd in High Jump at Western Province Athletic meet and 3rd place in Long Jump and 4th place in high Jump at Junior Tarbet meet. He reached 4th place in both the events at All Island Athletic meet.

In 2018, Mast. Thejan Rowel and Mast. Ranith Arawwala reached 3rd and 4th places respectively at Junior National meet.

Our Under 14 relay teams performed satisfactorily well at Junior John Tarbet meet and at Relay Carnivals. Our teachers-in-charge Mr. Prasanna Thisera and Miss. Oshini Perera and the coach Mr. Amal Perera deserve appreciation.


We have a long way ahead still but our Red and Orange Ball teams participated in the tournaments organized by the Sri Lanka Tennis Association.

Our Green Ball Team was able to reach the second qualifying round on the All Island Cool Tennis Championship organized by the Sri Lanka Tennis Association.

Mrs. Vimarshani Fernando, Miss. Harshani Fernando our teachers-in-charge and Mr. K.D.Y. Pathiraja, Mr. Pasindu Sampath and Mr. Rubel Hossain our coaches deserve commendations for their efforts.


Cricket is not just another sport today. It has become a very illustrious profession. Hence, we are determined to do our utmost best for the game. Our First XI cricket saw its light in 2017 under the captaincy of Mast. Romal Fernando. In 2017 our First XI team was selected for the second round of the Singer Cup Cricket Tournament, organized by Sri Lanka School Cricket Association. In 2018 cricket was played under the captaincy of Mast. Kaushan Appuhamy.


Our Under 19 team participated in various tournaments through out the year. We took part in All Island Basketball Tournaments, Under “B” category. Last year our Under 19 team was selected to play at the quarter finals.


Mr. Kapila Silva, the master in charge, Mr. Prasanna Tissera sports co-ordinator and Mr. Roshan Prishantha, our coach, make a lot of effort to uplift the game.

Our under 15, 17 and 19 soccerites participated in a number of tournaments and kept the flag flying. The under 19 footballers were placed 3rd in the Negombo Division School Football Tournament beating St. Mary's and St. Peter's College while under 15 team was placed 2nd in a Interschool Tournament organized by Nirmali Sports Club - Kimbulabitiya and under 15 team participated in the All Island Soccer Tournament.